Esfahan Sayeh Roshan

in 1978 nisfahan saye roshan company with produce type of braid start its activities duration succsess to design and produce type of and magnetic varies craft started with industrial braid struct unit in 1991 this company succsess to structure industrial braids with thirs dimension from 0.5mm to this product usable in various steps in industry sportivetransportation - clothing ...
the --- and equipped line of variety built structures started with cooperation of eurupiancompanies at 1995 and was succsessfull to produce many of bands wich is nessesury for industries such as outmobil maker , shipment sailing , air industry , military
the most new intiniclion dyeing line for polyster and milion was bout at 200h because the market needed to various productions and with qualities  disvine was resulted until one year

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